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This is a series of brief treatises based on own finds, unless indicated otherwise,
 of fossil wood, mainly Palaeozoic, including specimens found enclosed in Permian chert,
  every one of them reporting some observation, idea, interpretation, or discovery
    apparently not yet published in the scientific literature (except for own publications)  
       and occasionally contradicting established wisdom.

Every treatise consisting of text, pictures, and references is confined to a concise format of one or two printed pages, thus differing much from the lengthy papers in scientific journals. This is meant to be a means of spreading information quickly in easily comprehensible quanta, which would be virtually impossible with the conventional ways of publication.
Some contributions which had been accessible only via "Misconceptions" have been included in the below list.

List of issues numbered according to their sequence of release. Click on the number.
                                                                Looking for particular subjects is easier in the list with  thematically sorted issues.

1.   "Wood crystals"
2.   On the origin of white spots in fossil wood
3.   Oribatid mite coprolite sightings – a transient craze ?
4.   Alleged coprolites of "unknown creatures" replace alleged oribatid mite coprolites
5.   Dubious oribatid mite coprolites once more:  Comment on Z. Feng et al. (2010)

6.    Alleged coprolites - Remnants of decayed tissue
7.   Alleged arthropod coprolites re-interpreted
8.   Palaeozoic wood rot mistaken for oribatid mite coprolites
9.   Permian wood misinterpreted as fossil charcoal
10. An uncommon type of Syringodendron
11. Antarctic shit
12. Comment on: The Late Palaeozoic tree fern Psaronius ... by R. Rössler
13. Calamite fragment with peculiar details
14. Alleged arthropod borings in fossil wood and their possible formation
15. How the largest known anatomically preserved calamite was discovered in Chemnitz
16. Elusive creatures in fossil wood – Clean-up in the wake of a waning obsession
17. Fossil shrinkage crack patterns
18. Cell-size clots in bennettitalean tissue: No oribatid mite coprolites
A small seed fern stem with peculiar structure
20. Wood rot in the Permian coniferous tree Plyophyllioxylon
Degradation and preservation of palaeozoic wood
22. No mite coprolites inside Vertebraria and Australoxylon wood

23. Oribatid mite coprolites: Result of wishful thinking
24. Palaeozoic mites that never existed
25. Volcanism and fossilisation
26. One piece of petrified wood challenging the "state of the science" 
27. Pith in petrified wood from the Kyffhäuser mountains
28. Apparition in the wood
29. Alleged fossil wood burrows
30. "Wood crystals"   Part 2
31. Pith in petrified wood from the Permian Doehlen Basin
Permian or Mesozoic stem with enigmatic structure
33. Permian wood with uncommon details
34. Beautiful Permian wood from Döhlen Basin
35. Silicified wood mimicking charcoal
36. Black and white stains in silicified wood
37. Pith rays in Permian wood
38. Permian wood implications: no charcoal, no creatures
39. Crazy cracks
40. Black fossil wood aspect caused by fire or water ?
41. Black fossil wood bleached
42. What cracks can reveal about petrified wood formation
43. Permian wood with wide pith rays
44. Fossil wood aspects
Cell-size clots in fossil wood --- no coprolites

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