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Nothia section, fungus hyphae, level fill
Introduction: Aim and subject  zur deutschen Version       Shrivelled plant cross-section, fungus hyphae, level fill      

Fossiliferous cherts

Lower Plants
  Cyanobacteria    Fungi    Nematophytes   Green Algae
Higher Plants
Rhynie chert
Rhynie Chert News   1- 99, 101- 179
   Higher Plants in Rhynie chert
   Crawling creatures in Rhynie chert
Permian cherts
Permian Chert News   1- 18, 20- 35

Silicified wood
Fossil Wood News
1- 39
   Wood rot or "coprolites"
Volcanism and fossilisation

Peculiar structures   picturesque !
   Funny faces
Surface tension      Level bands
Misconceptions                      Hearsay principle in science
Errors and mistakes
Warning: Pseudoscience         Neutronotropy and reality
Research gone astray             Alternative facts
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