Neutronotropy and reality
German version

Neutronotropy, promoted by H.-D. Langer as a new field of science since 1998 [1,2,4], can easily be judged by considering the ideas or assumptions expressed in the following quotations (translated from German): 
(1)  "Guided neutron waves in a wave guide made up of two parallel cracks" [1,2],
(2)  "Multitude of planar and partial beams representing the microstructure of the neutron field of the natural terrestric nuclear radiation [2],

(3)  "During sleep, neutron irradiation can damage one's repair system so that illness and decay can progress." [2],
(4) "Groundwater prospection with the divining rod is highly efficient ..." [1].

ad (1): Parallel cracks in rock do not act as reflecting walls for neutrons, hence do not form "wave guides", as easily explained in [3].

ad (2): Langer assumes a stationary "microstructure of the neutron field". Such microstructure follows neither from the view of classical mechanics of colliding particles nor from the view of quantum mechanics of interfering probability waves. Every emitted neutron has got its probability distribution, which quantifies the probability of finding this neutron at some place. Since every emitted neutron has got another starting point and takes another path, the probability distributions of the neutrons are different. Hence, a "coherence of neutrons", which is an essential concept in Langer's argumentation, does not exist. Hence there is no reason to assume that the independently emitted neutrons could arrange themselves in a "multitude of planar and partial beams" [2] with biological effects.

ad (3): According to Langer, trees are particularly affected since they have to stay also at places of higher irradiation intensity. Allegedly the trees suffer under permanent exposition [4], hence people staying in bed should be warned against prolonged neutron irradiation lest illness and decay be progressing. So it appears that (3) makes a suitable advertisement offering earth ray measurements in sleeping rooms.

ad (4): The noncritical attitude with respect to the alleged successes of divining and the repeated mentioning of power places [1] indicate esoteric ideas nurtured by the author. As expected, tests have proven the divining rod completely unsuitable for prospecting resources of any kind, including water [6].

The above annotations to repeatedly published notions are to confirm the view that neutronotropy is a transpicuous mental construct far away from reality.

H.-J. Weiss    2020  

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